Year 9 and 10 STEAM Ahead

On Friday, 9 students were invited to take part in an ‘Only Girls Allowed: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Ahead Day at Priors Field School, to promote women and their role in these areas.

IMG_0807 IMG_0812 IMG_0808 

 After two motivational speeches by Professor Chris Stringed (Natural History Museum) and Professor Charles Pasternak (Oxford International Biomedical Centre) about Evolution and Curiosity, we took part In our first activity – App Developing.  Using the software Appshed, we created a cool photo gallery and an animal noise app. It was very interesting to see how they worked.

After a yummy lunch, which included an ice cream bar and mocktails, we built and programmed our own robots to carry out a series of complex tasks. It was very good fun, but sad to dismantle them at the end.

We then went on to listen to another speech by a Game Designer about the importance of ‘A’ in STEAM, something that is often overlooked; without art and creativity designs do not become a reality.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day, and we are grateful to Prior’s Field School for inviting us and to Mrs Boyce and Mrs Smith for taking us there.

Lucy, Year 9