Year 3’s Annual Trip to Butser Farm

Year 3 Visited Butser Ancient Farm on Friday and had an amazing time.
We started the day with Alison, our guide for the day, by taking a detailed look at an ancient Celtic roundhouse, which had been made using wattle fences to build the walls and then daubed with a mixture of (mud / clay, horse hair, straw and cow dung!) which the year 3 pupils found most disgusting!
Next, we ate our snacks inside the roundhouse with a fire burning in the middle for warmth and light which made us all feel like ancient Celts, it was very exciting!
Butser Farm 2017
We then went outside and had a go at making our own wattle fences.
After that, we turned into real archaeologists as we had a plot of land to excavate and find hidden treasures. We used trowels to scrape away at the soil and uncovered many different treasures which we discussed and looked at in detail. We then all sat on tarpauling outside in the sunshine and had our lunch. Once we had finished we had a short play for ten minutes.
Our afternoon started by being taken back to Roman times as we visited a Roman Villa where we saw mosaics, clothes and looked at the construction of their buildings, comparing them with the ancient Celtic roundhouses. We also had a go at constructing our own mosaics in small groups with symmetrical patterns.
Butser Farm 2017
Finally, we made some ancient Celtic jewellery from wire and a pair of pliers. We fashioned either a ring or an ear cuff or nose cuff with a spiral pattern at either end.
We all had an exciting and informative visit to Butser and have learnt a lot. We were very tired on the way home and were very excited with the goodie bags that we were given.