Year 1 Explore the Galápagos Islands

This term Year 1 have been working hard to learn amazing facts about the Galápagos Islands.


They put on their Naturalist hats and set off to investigate plants and wildlife in the school grounds, making bookmarks with their findings.

They also learnt about Charles Darwin and how he travelled to the Galápagos Islands on his ship called ‘The Beagle’, before writing his book ‘Origin of the Species’.

From sketching tortoises in Art to comparing Charles Darwin with David Attenborough; the students have learnt some amazing facts:

“Iguanas had to learn to swim and dive in order to adapt to their environment.”

“The Blue Foot Boobie Bird is named after its distinctive bright blue feet.”

“Darwin finches have adapted their beaks depending on the food source.”

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Their hard work was summarised through song and collages, presented to their parents in today’s assembly.