Timmy hard at play in Child Development

In Child Development we have been lucky enough to be able to learn about areas of development first hand, by observing two year old Timmy.

Timmy was kept entertained with a variety of toys so that we could observe his physical, intellectual emotional and social development. We saw many milestones of development when observing Timmy and we carefully noted down as much as we could during the observation.

Mrs Pope pointed out various milestones that Timmy was naturally showing in his play so that we could clearly see his development, all of which we have been learning about in class this term.

After the lesson we had a go at writing up our observations and between us all we were surprised and pleased with just how much we had observed and learnt about Timmy’s development.

Thank you to the lovely little Timmy who behaved so well and took it all in his stride, what a little star!