Share a Heart for a Safer Internet #SID2016

Hawley Place came together on Tuesday this week to celebrate ‘Safer Internet Day 2016: Play Your Part’.  The aims of the day were to reiterate the dangers and to consider the effects of what we post on line in relation to our self-esteem.

In the Prep school various activities took place, from discussions, team activities, using bodies to make heart shapes (in theme with SID2016 #Shareaheart) and then finalised by an assembly delivered by Mrs Kenna.

year 3 share a heartyear r share a heartyear 6cr share a heart

The seniors kick started the day with a thought provoking assembly produced by our Year 9 girls, which looked at the harrowing story of Amanda Todd, other incidents reported in the news and recent reports produced about the effects of social media on teenage girls’ self-esteem.

This was then followed by various activities in subject areas; from sorting advantages and disadvantages in Spanish before creating posters, discussions in PE about thinking about the photos we post and to consider who/what is in the background, to discussing self-esteem and mental health in PSHE and Computer Science before writing heart shaped post-it notes to peers to boost self-esteem #shareaheart.

Additionally, leading up to Tuesday, Year 7 and 8 have increased our Twitter traffic by posting ‘tips to stay safe’ tweets as part of the SID2016 national competition.

Always make sure you know the face behind the screen

Will your digital footprint follow you forever?

Don’t always believe what you see

Someone is always watching you…. but is it someone you know?

We now have the challenging task of judging the vast array of ‘Hawley Place Super Powers: For a Safer Internet’ Mascot Competition!  The winning mascot will be made into a real life caricature and used throughout the school year to remind us to stay safe online.  The competition is very high and we look forward to announcing the winners soon.

The following resources, provided by Childnet International and UK Safer Internet Centre, will ensure that students and parents can access up to date information about how to stay safe.