Our Senior School takes pupils from their early teens through to their GCSE studies, preparing them for their post sixteen education, in a strongly supportive family environment, permitting full focus on study.

We combine first-class teaching with unusually high levels of individual care and attention in enviably small classes. This is supported by a school ethos which encourages and rewards effort, achievement and good behaviour. Our GCSE results are consistently impressive. We provide every student with a rounded education, catering for their own needs and abilities, developing their widest interests and strengths and enabling them to develop into a confident, happy, and successful young adult.

We give the broadest opportunities for academic learning and for developing strong life skills. We provide a broad curriculum with a combination of solid, core academic subjects, specialised and relevant expertise in ICT and computer science and languages, and a fully integrated programme of sports, arts, and extra-curricular activities.

We believe that a good education fosters and values courtesy and manners. Our community activities also give our pupils many valuable experiences, helping them to make informed choices about the next stage of their education.

“I have found that the students here at Hawley Place the nicest bunch of people you could ever meet! Also the teachers have made me feel extremely welcome too, they have been working with me and helping me catch up on what I have not done at my previous school and they are all extremely lovely! Also I have to say the food is absolutely amazing!

In my first week of being at Hawley Place I had come home to my mum and I said to her that it feels like I have been going there since I was 2, everyone has just welcomed me so much, and I am extremely lucky to be at such an amazing place.”

Year 9 Student

Senior School Curriculum

On entry, Year 7 pupils are placed in one of two or three mixed ability classes for most lessons. However, based on entrance tests and Key Stage 2 SATS results, there is some setting for Mathematics and Science. These small teaching groups allow easy integration for those joining from other independent and state schools.

At Key Stage 3 we provide a sound base in all the core subjects, whilst offering great breadth in the way we embrace the humanities, modern languages, performing arts and practical subjects such as Computer Science, Art and Textiles, Food and Technology and PE. Everyone studies at least two modern foreign languages from French and Spanish. This is an area of particular strength at Hawley Place, in line with our belief that linguistic excellence will be an increasingly important requirement for success in the European world of tomorrow.

As pupils progress through the school, they prepare for the specific requirements of GCSE examinations, with most achieving nine to eleven good passes. Pupils have the opportunity to choose between a wide range of subjects whilst also ensuring that a breadth of subjects are studied.  During Year 9 we start to discuss possible career paths, so that students can focus on subjects likely to be of greatest benefit to their future ambitions.

Because of the individual attention we can offer, students who are particularly able can be given extra challenges, while those with special needs are given support both within normal classes and on a one-to-one basis.