Our philosophy is to physically educate all children, rather than ‘coach’ sports activities to a chosen few. Regular involvement in enjoyable sports and games is an integral part of school life. Children are encouraged to ‘play hard and play fair’. We aim to be inclusive and convince all children that they should and can ‘have a go’, whatever their ability. However, when we enter competitions, we do strive to win! The school has enjoyed considerable success at regional and national level in cross-country, swimming and biathlon events. Pupils learn the importance of regular physical exercise and how it contributes towards personal well-being and good health. Their involvement in activities which regularly raise heartbeat into the training zone, means that Hawley Place pupils enjoy high levels of cardio-vascular fitness.

A balanced programme is offered in lessons and extra-curricular clubs. This includes athletics, cross-country, football, netball, basketball, judo, rugby, cricket, rounders, tennis, hockey, swimming, gymnastics and dance. We hold traditional sports days, swimming galas and cross-country events and there are regular fixtures against other schools in the main team sports. In addition pupils can also opt for PE as a GCSE subject.

Swimming, as a life-saving and enjoyable recreational activity, is highly valued at Hawley Place but the school is also highly successful in competitive Swimming, Biathlon, Athletics and Cross-country at regional and national schools level with regular early morning or after school club training sessions.

Our aim is that all pupils appreciate the value of keeping fit and engage in some regular, enjoyable sporting activity.