I.S.A. National Swimming Championships: London Olympic Pool, Stratford

The Spectacular London Aquatics Centre in Stratford provided the breath-taking venue for this year’s National I.S.A. Swimming Championships.  Swimmers from the seven regions, The North, Midlands, East Anglia, London North, London West, London South and The South West were able to feel the thrill of swimming under that familiar wave like roof.  Olympic records have been broken in this pool, I.S.A. and National records were about to be broken this afternoon.


Hawley Place had 10 finalists in the 73-strong London West team. Year on year I have witnessed this competition grow in stature and improve in standards. This year was no exception. The competition was very tough, a giant leap from the regional round.  The swimmers, so enthusiastic, had to calm their nerves, enjoy the moment and treasure the memory, whatever the result. Our swimmers competed well, and can be justly proud of their achievements.

Hawley Place Results – in race order

Jack – Year 4 – 50m breaststroke – 4th – (a 3 second personal best from the regional round, just finishing out of the medal position)

Emma  – Year 6 – 50m breaststroke – 4th (Emma just missing the bronze medal).  Medley relay (breaststroke leg) – 5th.

Matthew  – Year 4 – 50m Backstroke – 7th

Chantelle – Year 5 – 50m Backstroke – 5th. Free relay – (2nd leg) – 5th

Miles  – Year 5 – 50m Backstroke – 5th. Free relay – (4th leg) – 6th

Laith – Year 5 – 50m Freestyle – 7th. Free relay – (1st leg) – 6th

Siân  – Year 8 – 50m Free – 6th. Medley relay – team disqualified.  Free relay (1st leg) -3rd

Emily  – Year 7 – Medley relay – (freestyle leg) – 1st. Freestyle relay (2nd leg) – 1st

Poppy  – Year 4 – Freestyle relay (3rd leg) – 3rd.

Carys  – Year 6 – Freestyle relay (2nd leg) – 3rd.

Siân was disappointed when the medley team were disqualified but justly deserved her Bronze medal in the free relay.

Emily, growing more confident in her swimming was overjoyed to take 2 Golds gained in the medley and free relay races.   Carys and Poppy were also very pleased to bring home a Bronze medal gained in the free relay.


London West Team results

Overall results, totalling all the male and female points – Midland 1st, London West 2nd equal with London South, North 4th, East Anglia 5th, South West 6th, London North 7th.  A fantastic day, a memorable venue, great swimming. We look forward to the London West I.S.A. Regional gala this year which is again at The Surrey Sports Park in Guildford on Friday 20 November. Finally, a thank you for the support on the day from Mrs Dougal, Mrs Nye, Mrs Wilson and all the parents for their continue dedication to support the pupils in their swimming.