Graded Music Exam Results Autumn 2015

Congratulations to a number of Hawley Place pupils who have Specialist Music Tuition in school and passed exams at the end of the autumn term.

Laurel K who studied with Mr Rogeon-Pipe passed Grade 2 clarinet with merit. All of Mrs Burton’s flautists passed their exams: Polina S (Grade 1), Alesha P (Grade 4) and Sophie P (Grade 4) all passed with merit; Rebecca F passed Grade 5, and Summer C (Grade 2) and Jayda P (Grade 4) achieved distinction in their exams.

There were many successful singing exam candidates too. One of Mrs Barter’s students, Siân W, achieved Grade 4 Pop Vocals with merit, and Mrs Williams’ Musical Theatre candidates all achieved merits and distinctions: Jessica C (Grade 2), Lauren D (Grade 3), Shola D (Grade 4) and Lottie C (Grade 7) all passed with distinction and Elsbeth R (Grade 7) and Amanda T (Grade 8) both passed with merit.

We look forward to sharing many more graded music exam successes with you during 2016; congratulations and best wishes to our instrumental and vocal students.