Fun and Team Building at PGL

Year 4

On Wednesday 4 May Year 4 travelled to PGL in Hindhead which is situated in a glamorous, oaky woodland setting. We attended PGL to improve our teamwork abilities, gain confidence, conquer fears, for the experience and have fun.

We arrived at PGL at 10 o’clock, when we arrived the boys played football and the girls played basketball, shortly after we arrived, we had a delicious lunch. Next we found out who we were staying with in our cabins.

Soon after we had got changed in our wonderful cabins, we walked to our first activities. That afternoon we did POWERFAN which is a very tall wooden pole that you climb up onto a platform and fall off and land gently onto the ground, it’s very safe as you are in a harness.

Over the next couple of days we were very lucky as we got to do loads of more fun activities such as Aeroball, Abseiling, Low ropes, Team games, Quad biking, Trapeze and Giant swing.

Even though it’s a whole year away we are very excited for PGL at the Isle of Wight next year.

Charlie and Jadesola, Year 4 Pupils

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Year 5

As Col. John “Hannibal “ Smith from the A-Team (remember them 80s kids?) might have said – “I just LOVE it when a plan comes together!” Indeed, just when we’d started to give up hope of summer ever raising its shy head above the parapet, it arrived in all its glory just in time for Year 5’s residential trip to PGL Little Canada on the Isle of Wight.

With much excitement on the Tuesday morning, Year 5 scrambled aboard the coach for Portsmouth, ably marshaled by Mrs Orford, Mr Cooper and late, late substitute Mrs Griffiths (we are forever grateful). After their coach-ferry-coach odyssey to Little Canada, the children were welcomed by probably the bounciest host in the whole of PGL – Emma from Liverpool – and there began 4 days of fantastic fun and frolics in the gorgeous early summer / late spring sunshine.

During the day, the group partook in a host of exciting activities ranging from problem solving, to rockpooling (including a face-to-face meeting with the terrifying ‘Crabzilla’), to ‘the trapeze’, sea kayaking and a forensic investigation to catch the sneak-thief of Little Canada. Perhaps the biggest highlight, however, was Thursday night when the group donned their gladrags and threw sweets-fueled shapes on the dancefloor at the PGL disco.

On the Friday ferry from Fishbourne back to Portsmouth, awards were given out for achievements during the week, ranging from Politest Boy/Girl to Funniest Moment. All-in-all a brilliant time was had by everyone and a huge thank you is extended from Year 5 to Mrs Orford (organiser extraordinaire), Mrs Griffiths (stand-in supreme) and all the staff at PGL who helped to make the entire experience so memorable.

Mr Cooper, Year 5 Teacher

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Year 6

On Tuesday 3 May year 6 went on their last PGL residential staying at PGL Liddington they had an amazing time. Many of us chose our two favourite activities as Tree Top Study Trail and the wet and soggy Raft Building.

The tree top study trail was a fun activity of climbing trees dodging obstacles and speeding down a zip wire. The Raft building was a wet and yet exciting experience. Year 6 were put into groups each with a Raft building instructor. Together we had to work as a team to build a raft, but there were some rules. Make sure it floats! Eventually the rafts fell apart
and everybody got sopping wet. Even two of the teachers.

The PGL staff were a brilliant help. Year 6 had a lovely leader called Octavia. She helped a lot with year 6’s. Thank you Octavia.

Year 6 thank Mrs Rice, Mrs Kenna and Mrs Woodhead for planning the trip as well as the PGL staff for making Liddington so memorable.

Georgina D, Year 6 Pupil