Drama Students take on Metamorphosis

On Thursday 5th March, 30 Year 10 and 11 GCSE Drama students went to the Wilde Theatre at South Hill Park, Bracknell to see Scene Productions adaptation of Metamorphosis. Written by Franz Kafka, the play is told in a poignant lyrical style and a mixture of mirth, mayhem and the macabre. Students were able to view a fantastic example of narration, mask, and choreographed sequence using a simple set and multi-roling, which will form the basis of the written area of their GCSE study. The show also provided a fantastic opportunity to see a range of styles and influences from Brecht, Berkoff, Godber, Punchdrunk, Frantic Assembly, Stanislavski and Artaud, which inspire and provide a toolkit of innovative ideas and approaches for their own GCSE practical assessments this month.