Dinner in Space

Year 8 have been designing and making a space meal for the astronaut Tim Peake in Food this week.
Students needed to make sure their dishes were in line with the eatwell guide and 8 tips for healthy eating.

The meal also needed to:
• provide approximately 30% of Tim’s energy and nutrient needs,
• be suitable to be eaten in space, e.g. easy to serve, no crumbs,
• be attractive and tasty,
• British themed, e.g. ingredients, based on a local/traditional recipe,
• be shared with crewmates in space.

Students made a variety of dishes including a starter, a main course, a dessert and a drink. They also came up with fabulous graphics and food company names.
Students will now be selected to design space packaging as part of a national competition.
Well done year 8, your food was out of this world!