Year 3 Book Launch 2017

Year 3 students have really enjoyed getting stuck into book writing and becoming authors. Year 3 looked closely at the story of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and they have spent two terms concentrating on characterisation, settings and using a ‘Story Mountain’ to develop their story ideas.

“My favourite part was doing all of the artwork for my book because I want to become an artist when I grow up. When we had to stitch the pages together I found it a bit tricky
but I was amazed when it all came together as my finished book.”
Zain, Year 3 Student

The pupils made their covers for their books covering thick card with marbling sheets making individual bindings. Then they looked at many different books and discussed what a book has that makes each one distinctive. Pupils then used these ideas and created their individual books, with the features that they liked. Every one of the books is unique and have made the Year 3 students first time published authors.

“I enjoyed making the business card the most and it was fun we had to draw pictures and write in bubble writing and
become famous! The book launch was fantastic as I read to my mum, sister and my friends parents and they all really liked my story.”
Rasbin, Year 3 Student