Year 3 become authors

Year 3 Pupils have really enjoyed getting stuck into book writing and becoming authors. They have spent two terms concentrating on characterisation, settings and using a ‘Story Mountain’ to develop their story ideas. The Year 3 teachers decided that the pupils could publish their own books, by making and designing their own ‘Single Signature Books’.
The pupils made their covers for their books covering thick card with marbling sheets making individual bindings. Then they looked at many different books and discussed what a book has that makes each one individual. Pupils then used these ideas and created their individual books, with the features that they liked. Every one of the books is unique and have made the Year 3 pupils first time published authors. Please click on the links below to view the books.

The Space Dogs by Jasmine

The Missing Diamond by Emily J

The Cave by Alexandra

The Football Monster by Arkar

Rise Of The Spinjitsu Master By Lewis

Jonathan The Roman Spy By Christopher

Max Blaster By Matthew

The Dragon Egg by Harvey

Isabella And The Magical Fairy Adventure By Isabella

Frankie And The Magical Diamond By Lucas

Vampire Vs Humans By Emily D

The Tardis Of Doom By Christian

The Secret Key By Tshepi

The Magical Journey To Remedy Mountain By Robin

The Magic Takers By Toby

The Creepy House By Oliver

The Alien Competition By Harriette

The Witch Story by Keira