Swimming Gala in Yateley

On Monday 16 October, Hawley Place swim team travelled just down the road to Yateley Manor school. The gala saw Years 4, 5, 7 and 8 represented, swimming against Yateley, Holme Grange and Daneshill.

The gala began with the individual races, starting with freestyle. Everyone from Hawley swam well, and you could see that everyone was pushing themselves to the limit. After freestyle came breaststroke, backstroke and finally, butterfly.

The freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke were all swum over three lengths and the butterfly over two. The pool was very shallow, so this meant you could not dive or turn at either end of the pool, making it difficult to maintain the speed of the length you just did. Despite that, everyone was exceptional, in all year groups.

After the individual races, came the relays; each person had to swim two lengths of the 15m pool. The Year 4’s gave Hawley a solid start which was built upon by the Year 5 team. The Year 7 and 8 team then rallied to give a strong finish. From being last at one point, they dug deep and managed to grab the first place position in their medley relay, and also finished first in the freestyle relays.

The gala was great fun and very closely contested. Overall Hawley Place came second to Daneshill school. Everyone tried their best, gave it everything and should be proud.

By Ruby and Maya
Year 8