Registration: Children will be considered for entry to the Nursery, following a visit to the Nursery, when the Registration Form has been completed and returned to us and the non-returnable £50 Registration Fee paid.

Click here to download the HP Registration Form

Offer of a Place: If a place is offered, a £200 deposit will be payable upon acceptance of the offer. The Acceptance Deposit is returnable, when your child leaves the Nursery provided that there are no outstanding fees/sundries.

Waiting List: Where applications exceed the number of places available, the Head of the Nursery compiles a waiting list and places are allocated in liaison with the Headmaster, using the following criteria:

  • where the parents wish their child to continue his/her education within Hawley Place Prep School
  • where parents are looking for a full time place and/or on the basis of need
  • the date of the original registration
  • where the child has a brother or sister currently attending the school


Class Transfer and Age: Provided that there are places available

  1. Children are accepted into the Lions Class of the Nursery from the age of two.
  2. Transfer between the Lions Class into the Tigers Class takes place only in September and pupils must normally be three by the preceding 31st August before entering the Tigers Class.
  3. Children continuing their education at Hawley Place normally transfer from the Nursery Tigers Class to the Prep School Reception Class in September having attained the age of four.
  4. A child at the Nursery is not guaranteed a place in the Reception Class of Hawley Place Prep School, entry to which is subject to admission requirements and a formal offer and acceptance incorporating Hawley Place School’s Standard Terms and Conditions.
  5. If you wish your child to transfer from Tigers to Hawley Place School Reception Class, please get in contact with the school office to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet the Headmaster and view the Prep/Senior School. In order to secure a place, you will need to complete the Acceptance Form for the main school and pay the £500 Acceptance Deposit. Please note that until the Acceptance Deposit has been received, we cannot confirm the allocation of a place in Reception. The Acceptance Deposit is returnable, when your child ultimately leaves Hawley Place.
  6. If a child is accepted into Hawley Place Reception Class, it is on the understanding that the parents wish their child to continue his/her education throughout the Prep School. We will not normally accept a child into our Reception Class, if it is the intention of the parents to move the child to another school as soon as the child is no longer eligible for a Early Years Education grant.