Fees below are per session and are charged per term in advance:

8am – 12pm (ex lunch) – £34

8am – 12:45pm (inc lunch) – £45

1pm – 5pm (ex lunch) – £34

1pm – 6pm (inc tea) – £45

8am – 6pm (not full time) – £69

8am – 6pm (full time) – £66

Children in receipt of the Early Years Education Funding entitlement are charged for any extra hours they receive. For further information on fees please contact the Nursery.

Prep and Senior School

Fees are per term and include tuition, books, personal accident insurance, Early Morning Care and After School Care/Prep as required:

Reception to Year 4 – £3,390.00

Years 5  to 11 – £4,215.00

Where two or more pupils from the same family attend the School, we are happy to offer a reduction of 10% for the younger child(ren).

Additionally, the School offers a 15% discount on tuition fees to a child, with at least one parent in the Armed Forces or working at the RMCS.  A second child will only benefit from the normal 10% sibling discount.

The school currently operates a Personal Accident insurance scheme through Marsh Insurance Brokers.  Every pupil is automatically included in the scheme with the premium incorporated into the annual fees bill.  The scheme has also been extended to cover Dental Insurance as part of the Personal Accident Policy.

Public examination fees, educational outings and some examination texts will be charged separately.

Optional extras:  
School lunch – per term –  £180.00

Music lessons – per 30 minute lesson – payable direct to peripatetic teachers – £17.50

School Awards

We offer a number of awards for pupils at various stages of their schooling:

Junior Potential Awards may be offered to children entering Years 3 – 6.  These are awarded for exceptional candidates and are very limited in number.

Scholarships (entry into Year 7):  Information is available upon request. Please telephone the Admissions Team on (01276) 587 190 for further details.

Assisted Places:  In certain circumstances Hawley Place School may offer Assisted Places for pupils entering the Prep or Senior School.  Fee reductions will depend on personal circumstances.  The Assisted Place awards are usually means-tested.

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Fees Refund Scheme for New Pupils

Fees Refund Scheme for Existing Pupils