A Treasury of Adventures – Junior School Drama Production

The annual Junior Production took place this week with all KS2 pupils working hard to produce an entertaining performance to family and friends. This year, the show celebrated the works of the successful children’s novelist, Enid Blyton. The show included the popular stories of “Noddy” presented by 4HK, “Famous Five” (6CR), “Malory Towers” (6BH) and “The Faraway Tree” (5CM). Other plays included the naughty toy “Amelia Jane” presented by 5CP and some of Blyton’s lesser known scripts written as school plays, “The Squirrel’s Secret” (3AJ) and “The Hole in the Sack” (3AH).  Fabulous performances combined with wonderful costumes, music and lighting, made the production a huge success with a full auditorium at all three performances.

The children would like to express their thanks to Mrs Ball and all of the Junior Staff involved for making this an experience that they will never forget.

“I had never performed on a stage before and didn’t think I would have the confidence to do so  but Mrs Ball really helped me believe in myself and I had an amazing time; I would definitely take on a main role again” (Big Ears, Year 4)


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