A Learning Adventure Takes Place

Our Reception Class children enjoyed a visit to their local Tesco’s store at the Meadows this week.  As part of their topic they will be discussing healthy eating, making shopping lists, weights, measures, prices and countries of origin.


 On the day they had the excitement of travelling in the school’s own mini bus and on arrival went off to explore Tesco’s large range of fruit and vegetables from around the world. Using their newly acquired skills they looked for labels, signs and how far the produce had travelled to get to the Meadows, as well as buying some unusual fruits to take back to school to draw, paint and then of course taste!

Once back at school they were inspired to set up their own classroom fruit and vegetable shop where they planned layouts, weighed and sold fruit to their classmates, counted and handled money, and had loads of fun whilst learning!

Mrs Quicke, said ‘learning about fresh fruit and vegetables has so many   benefits to a child’s education apart from those listed above. At Hawley Place School we aim to offer our pupils’ positive role models which will help them develop a healthy attitude and life skills beyond the classroom.’​​